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Chiropractor Clinton Township MI Nicholas Duchene

Dr. Nick Duchene is a second generation chiropractor. He received his very first adjustment when he was only ten minutes old. After working at his father's chiropractic clinic in Clinton Township during high school and witnessing all of the positive benefits of chiropractic care, he decided to join the profession. Dr. Nick attended Michigan State University where he received his bachelor's degree in Human Biology. 

He then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa where he received his degree of Doctor of Chiropractic.

He has practiced in many places which include Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, and also India for a brief period of time. After years of practicing out of state, Dr. Nick decided to finally settle back down in his home town of Clinton Township, Michigan. He is committed and excited to have the privilege of treating and caring for the residents of Clinton Township, Michigan!

Dr. Duchene performs many manual therapy techniques along with chiropractic manipulation, treating the muscles along with the spine results with a better and longer lasting result.

At Evolve Chiropractic we use a very wide variety of chiropractic techniques:

  • Diversified
  • Gonstead
  • Thompson
  • Activator
  • Cox-Flexion Distraction
  • Webster
  • Extremity
  • Pediatric

In addition, also use physiotherapy to speed up the healing process:

  • Graston Technique
  • Mechanical massage
  • Mechanical traction
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Electric stim

In his free time Dr. Nick enjoys long distance running, weight training, the occasional rugby match, and spending time with his two cats.


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